Apparel Design and Production

By following a comprehensive apparel design process that encompasses trend research, concept development, costing, product development, production planning, collection design, tech pack creation, and presentations, you set yourself up for success in creating cohesive, commercially viable, and visually stunning collections that resonate with your target audience.

Each step plays a crucial role in ensuring that your designs not only meet creative aspirations but also align with market demands and industry standards.

Trend Research

Trend research is at the heart of any successful apparel design process.

This involves conducting extensive market analysis, attending fashion shows, analyzing consumer behaviour, and keeping a keen eye on emerging trends.

By staying ahead of the curve, we can help identify the direction and themes for your upcoming collections.

Concept to Production

Once the trend research is complete, the concept development phase begins.

This is where we brainstorm ideas, create mood boards, and develop the overall concept for your collection.

From there, we move into sketching, fabric selection, and creating initial prototypes. This iterative process allows us to refine your designs and ensure they align with your brand aesthetic and target audience.


As exciting as the creative process is, cost considerations play a vital role in determining the feasibility of your designs.

Costing involves analyzing the materials, labor, production processes, and other expenses associated with bringing your designs to life.

This step ensures that your designs are not only visually appealing but also commercially viable.

Product Development

With your concept and costing finalized, the product development phase begins.

This phase encompasses pattern-making, sample creation, and fitting sessions. It involves collaborating closely with pattern makers, sample sewers, and fit models to ensure that your designs translate well from paper to physical garments.

Adjustments and refinements are made until the desired fit, silhouette, and construction are achieved.

We maintain a diverse data of retail and corporate sizing along with 3D design solutions to nail the perfect fit and functionality for your product.

Production Planning

Once the samples are approved, it's time to plan for production.

Production planning involves determining the quantity of each style, establishing a production timeline, and coordinating with manufacturers or factories.

This step requires careful consideration of lead times, capacity, and quality control measures to ensure smooth production and timely delivery.

Collection Design

Designing a cohesive and visually appealing collection is a crucial aspect of the apparel design process.

It involves curating a range of styles, colors, prints, and fabrics that work harmoniously together.

The collection design phase also considers market segmentation, seasonal variations, and target customer preferences to create a well-rounded assortment that appeals to your intended audience.

Tech Pack Creation

Technical specifications play a vital role in ensuring accurate and consistent production.

Tech pack creation involves documenting all the necessary details for each garment, including measurements, construction techniques, materials, trims, and labeling requirements.

A well-prepared tech pack serves as a comprehensive guide for manufacturers, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring consistent quality across the collection.


Once the design process is complete, it's time to present your collection to various stakeholders.

This can include internal teams, buyers, retail partners, and potential investors.

Effective presentations involve showcasing your designs, sharing the inspiration behind the collection, highlighting key features, and articulating the value proposition of your brand.

Compelling presentations can generate interest, secure orders, and establish valuable business connections.

Together, let’s reduce costs, enhance innovation, and increase revenue.

Together, let’s reduce costs, enhance innovation, and increase revenue.

Together, let’s reduce costs, enhance innovation, and increase revenue.

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